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Welcome to my studio.  I make many different types of items.  Mostly sewing.  I have WAY too many sewing machines.  Viking Designer 1 (3 of these just because they're so wonderful, both a sewing machine and an embroidery machine).  A Pfaff Quilt Expression that can't be beat for piecing quilts.  A Handi-Quilter Sweet Sixteen, 16-inch sit down quilting machine.  I had a long stand-up frame but my back finally gave up on that one.  A 6-needle Baby Lock embroidery machine that I picked up at a bargain's a keeper!! I'll never get rid of that one.  Two sergers (both Baby Lock) and now... I discovered the old rotary Singer featherweights 221 and 222, although I have yet to find the elusive 222, so I'm content to find old 221's, clean them up, and make them purr like a kitten.  At last count I have 18 of these beauties that I constantly dust off and proudly display where I can admire them every day.  And last, but not least, I have my deceased mother's Elna Grasshopper.  I have lots of fond memories of sitting at that machine on our dining room table and stitching something together, or mending a favorite skirt.  


Elna Grasshopper

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